Our cats


At present we have 8 cats in breeding, or on their way into breeding, and 2 retired cats as company at home. We have 4 different fosterhomes, so all of our cats aren´t in our home. We do this mainly to keep the cats healthy, happy with low stress, and also not having to rehome after they are done in breeding. We are very thankful to our fosterfamilys.

JW FI*Riddle The Riddler, OCI b 24 (Choco) coowned with my brother and Paulo at SE*Hot Tunderean´s. Walle is from Mia in Finland and has done so great in shows with many Best in shows and nominations and became Junior Winner in late 2017. We adore him. He lives in fosterhome with Christel Store.

SC US*Riki Tiki, OCI os 24(cinnamonsilver). He is from Martice Carlsson in USA and we are very proud to have him. He will go into shows and breeding from feb 2018. We have great expectations for this guy! He has done so well in shows in US Before coming here and we anre thankful to Sonja Moscoffian for showing him.


S*Hot Country´s Joy To The World, OCI o 24 (cinnamon). She is from our own breeding and have done very well in shows, she has a break now for her first litter. She was SVERAK nr 1 in variety 2016 and have may BIS, NOM and also BIV in shows. She lives with Josefin and Linus in fosterhome.

S*Hot Country´s Piece Of Dynamite, OCI b 24 (Choco). She is born 2017-10-04 and Joys daughter with SC DK*Betonica´s Chivas as dad. High hopes for this stunning girl, her coat is like silk and contrast amazing. She also live with Josefin and Linus in fosterhome. We will show her in 2018.

FI*Topspot Less IS More, OCI b 24 (Choco). This girl we are thankful to Maija Markelin to have bought from Finland. She has our Mio (Hot Country´s Agaton Sax as granddad) and Loure is her stunning mum. She is a very loving dark choco and has also done well in shows and had her first litter 2017-10-08.

S*Hot Country´s Jolene, OCI a 24 (Blue). We kept this blue pearl from Ainus first litter born 2017-10-08. She has very good type and perfect pattern/spots and supertemper. We will show her to during 2018. She also is in fosterhome.

CH*Spotted Beauty Dorothy Gale, OCI b 24 (Choco). This lovley girl we are so fortunate to have from Switzerland from Franziska Ruprecht. We will show her in 2018, her mum Amena is gorgeous and dad Beri has the best of types. She is still a youngster under developement and lives with Sofie Nylén with family. A really charming girl with great caracter and intelligence and supercoat/contrast.

S*Hot Country´s Poetry In Motion, OCI b 24 (Choco). Tindra as we call her is out of Baby and Mando and has outcross lines and the greenest eyes ever seen. She is the wild one, always up to mischief and to intelligent for us at times when she makes the most amazing crazy things. We and Televinken love her and she will have her first litter in 2018.

SE*Hot Thunderean´s Mandora, OCI n 24 (Tawny). She is from my Brothers and Paulos breeding and has a pedigree and lines from both lovely Claudius, our Obbe and some of our old lines. We will only mate her once, to Riki is the plan. She lives in fosterhome with Sebastian and Josephine.

S*Hot Country´s Obi-Wan Kenobi, OCI a 24 (Blue). With my daughter lives our most beloved Obbe. He is the love of our lives, not other words can describe this beloved boy. He is out of Karma from Finland and Mille from Netherlands. he will Always be THE ocicat. https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1140105&g=4&p=oci&o=ajgrep

S*Hot Country´s Televinken, OCI b 24 (Choco). Sweet Televinken is our big beautiful teddybear with short silky sleek big spotted dark choco coat. Of course he stayed on even though we havent used him in breeding, and he hates shows. He just purrs his way along in life, even though he had some good shows with BIS and NOM before deciding it wasnt his thing.