Kittens and plans


Jan 2018
We have kittens right now born in October 2017, all are spoken for. There were 3 chocolatespotted kitten girls in combination Joy x Chivas. There were alse 4 kittens in combination Ainu x Tygus, 2 tawnyspotted boys, 1 chocospotted girl and 1 blue girl.
In these 2 litters 1 Choco girl-Dina, stays here from Joys litter
and also Jolene out of Ainus litter stays.

Pedigree Jolene:

Pedigree: Dina:


Plans 2018
Next planned litter is with Tindra who has mated our boy from Finland-Walle, kittens hopefullly expected in early March 2018. Colurs expected are chocolatespotted and lilacspotted.

Joy will also mate Walle during Spring 2018. Colurs to be expected are mainly chocolatespotted, but maby lilacspotted too. And who knows (we havent colurtested them)…might turn up cinnamons and fawns also.

Ainu and Mandora and hopefully also Dorothy will be mated to our new stud från US, SC TC Riki Tiki. He is cinnamonsilver, so for the first time we expect silver kittens in all different colours, as well as fullcoloured kittens.

The 2 youngsters Jolene and Dina will not mate until late 2018 or early 2019.