About the breed and buying a kitten from us

About the ocicat breed:
The ocicat is from start an american breed introduced and approved in Sweden 1992. It is a very intelligent cat, social and outgoing without being loud or noisy. They open drawers and doors, and likes to apport, intelligent toys and usually they want to be part of a group of cats and humans. They also usually appreciate dogs and other animals as company. They dont like to be left alone to long. If so they tend to be clingy and very demanding…if so…get one more ocicat as forever friend to the one you have.


The ocicat is a muscular, medium to large sized cat with large spots all over the body and comes in 12 colours. Coat should be satiny, sleek and shiny and have well scattered thumbprint spots in good contrast to the background colour. Mor info is to be found on Ocicats Of Scandinavias homepage.

Ocicat is a healthy breed and have no known hereditary disease. All the same, since abyssinian is part of the genepole breeders in Sweden test for PRA-rdAc, and we usually also scan our cats before breeding for HCM.

Buying from us:
We are certified breeders in SVERAK Fife.
Kittens stay until they are at least 13-14 weeks old, before moving to a new home. All our cats are vaccinated according to swedish regultations. They have a SVERAK-pedigree and are devormed twice. All have a veterinarian examination no older then 7 days before leaving. They also have a insurance in AGRIA that can be taken over, and a 3-year long hidden fault insurance. Also their parents are free of PRA and was free of HCM at the scan before going into breeding. We use lots of effort and time to find good breeding combinations with healthy cats and low inbreeding, and do regular import from other countrys to secure this.

We do export and the buyer is the one with resposability for looking into regulations for import and taking care of extra costs due to export like passport, extra vaccinations etc.

Prices follow the demand/supply prices in Sweden and a cat for breeding generally is more expensive then a cat for company/pet due to quality.

Our main goal is sweet, lovely, healthy cats for family homes that live up to the standard in every way. Wildlooking but mild in temper.